Thursday, April 20, 2017

DUEBER, "CHAMPION", 18 SIZE, BOX-HINGE, HUNTER / DISPLAY CASE [serial #1494630]. Movement is an 1886, 18 size, Hampden, Grade Springfield, 7/11 Jewel, Gilt Finish, Hunter [HG2L-U] Serial No. 428493.
"Champion" Dueber Cases are Gold Filled, 10K, & Warranted for 20 yrs..

Instead of a Dust Cover Back has a Second Bezel & Crystal. I don't know if these Hunter / Display Cases were done at the Factory or were Modified later.

Fitted with an 1886, Model 2, Gilt, Grade Springfield, Movement.

Plain, Roman, Single-Sunk, Dial, w/ Thin Spade Hands.

Front of Case.

Rear of Case.

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