Friday, June 30, 2017

DUEBER SILVERINE, SCREW BACK & BEZEL, CASE, ENGRAVED WITH AN ELECTRIC TROLLEY ON CASE BACK. ONE-OFF CASE, Serial # 6176, hidden on inside edge of case back & is the same as the serial # stamped on the case body [Dueber Cases had two numerals preceding the body number as the main case number]. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

                          Hampden, 18 size, Double-Sunk, "Blind-Man's" Dial.

Near Mint Dial. Large Arabic, 'Script', Numerals. 
This Dial is going on my 18s, 23J, Two-Tone, 1899, Special Railway, movement.

Back shows the 'Open-Face' Dial Foot location. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

J.P.Stevens Watch Co. modified Hampden movements [as well as other makers, such as Aurora] by adding their "Stevens Patent" Regulators. This movement started out as a 18s, Hampden, Model 2, 15J [Unclear if it was Adjusted but it's likely it was adjusted by Stevens if it had not already been Adjusted at the Hampden Factory. The Hampden Serial No. should be under the Dial & may provide Grade & Adjustment data].

Single-Sunk Dial has Arabic Numerals & 'Red' 5-min. Chapter. Signed; J.P.STEVENS ATLANTA, GA. The Hour Hand seems wrong as I've seen other J.P.Stevens watches with Open Morning Glory Hands, like the Minute Hand seen here [I also happen to have a set of Open Morning Glory Hands I could fit to this movement]. 

Housed in a DUEBER COIN Hunter Case, Serial #660170.

Case has a Floral Engraved Front Lid & a Plain Back.

Very, very, few of these J.P.STEVENS, Gems show up on the market & most are either priced at $5000 plus, in a GF or Solid Gold Case, or they're incomplete & not in running condition, though this one is. I'd say that this is as rare as the 17J, Ball-Hampden's are. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

18 size Dueber Watch Case Co., Engraved Silverine, 3-Hinge, Open Face Case.
Bird & Floral Engraving on Case Back.

Thick Crystal, with Engraved Bezel.

Close up of Case Back Engraving.

Close up of Bezel Engraving. 3-Hinge Case for both Pendant & Lever Set Movements.

Inner Dust Cover. Marked "Dueber" - "Sliverine" - "Canton, O." - "41301".

Thursday, April 20, 2017

DUEBER, "CHAMPION", 18 SIZE, BOX-HINGE, HUNTER / DISPLAY CASE [serial #1494630]. Movement is an 1886, 18 size, Hampden, Grade Springfield, 7/11 Jewel, Gilt Finish, Hunter [HG2L-U] Serial No. 428493.
"Champion" Dueber Cases are Gold Filled, 10K, & Warranted for 20 yrs..

Instead of a Dust Cover Back has a Second Bezel & Crystal. I don't know if these Hunter / Display Cases were done at the Factory or were Modified later.

Fitted with an 1886, Model 2, Gilt, Grade Springfield, Movement.

Plain, Roman, Single-Sunk, Dial, w/ Thin Spade Hands.

Front of Case.

Rear of Case.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

1906 Hampden Watch Co., "John Hancock", 21 Jewel, 18 size, Model 3, Adjusted to 5 Positions, Double Roller, Open Face Pocket Watch.
ON3L-5P DR. Running. Gold Screw Settings, Damasked Nickle Back & Barrel Plates. Serial No.2277563.

The Hands are Extra Broad Hr. & Whip Min. The Dial is Incorrect for this Movement.

This is the Appropriate Style Dial for this Watch [with the addition of Masonic Symbols at the center].
Currently housed in a "Gibraltar", Rolled Gold or Plated, Embossed, Case. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DUEBER WATCH CASE CO., 18 size, Gold Filled, 10K, "Champion" Hunter Case.

Blank Shield Front, with Floral Engravings.

Village Scene Back. Completely Hand Engraved.

Dueber "Champion" Logo that appeared on their early cases. Indicates a 10k, Gold Filled Case, Warranted to Wear for 20 yr's.

From the Side. Coin Edged with a Dotted Band.