Saturday, November 26, 2016

Crescent Watch Case Co. Serial # 1969585. 3-Hinge, Open Face, Gold Filled, 20yr., Case.
From the Top, Case shows a Coin Edge, Thick Crystal, w/ late model Stem & Bow [1902-1915]. 

Inside Back & Dust Cover.

Expanded View, shows Front, Back & Dust Cover. 

Back is Engine Turned w/ Shield & Floral Pattern.
I'm using this Case for the Hampden, 1909, 18 size, 21 Jewel, Special Railway, with the Montgomery Dial. Right Era & enhances this 'Top of the Line' Movement [ON3L-5P, DR].  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This is the Case I'm using for the 1908 Hampden, 18s, 21J, Special Railway, Hunter Model 4, HT4L-5P, DR. 
Philadelphia Watch Case Co. 

Gold Filled, Guaranteed 20yr., Hunter Case. 

Serial #6468128.

This Case is quite similar to the Star W.C.Co., brassed Case, that came with it.

This is my Montgomery "Numerical" Dial. It is appropriate as a "Factory Supplied Dial" for only the 1908, Model 4, Railway Grade, Hunter Movements [& I never though I'd find a Movement to put it on], though you can find them on earlier RR Grade's as an 'After Market" addition.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1908 Hampden 21 Jewel, Special Railway, Model 4, Two-Tone, Adjusted to 5 Positions, Double Roller, Hunter Case Pocket Watch. Serial No. 2586278. 
Only 100 made in this last Run of the Model 4, Special Railway's.

Double-Sunk, Arabic Dial, w/Medium Spade Hour & Minute Hands.

Star 20 yr. Gold Filled Hunter Case. Serial #2026175.

The Case is badly brassed & needs to be replaced. The Movement needs a NOS Hampden #1722 Balance Staff [all of which I have on hand]. The Dial & Hands are Good but I have a near mint Hampden, Montgomery Dial & Newly Blued, Medium Spade Hands that I'll be replacing these with [I think 1908 was the first year Hampden offered the Montgomery "Numeric" Dials, free on the Railroad Grade Movements]. Only 565 Total of this type of the 21 Jewel, Special Railway were made. Only the 23 Jewel Movements of this type are rarer w/ a Total of only 250.