Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This is a apparently Unique, Dueber, Hunter Case. Unique because it appears to be made from Aluminium! First, the Case Engraving from the Side.
Below is the Inside of the Dust Cover.

The Dueber Trade Mark is also unique & the Serial # is about two digits less than seen on most Dueber Hunter Cases.
         Below is the Back Cover, Engraved w/ a Steamship. The retaining screw on the stem seems to be wielded tight & is immovable which is a common occurrence when Iron or Steel is in contact with Aluminium. 
Below is the Front Cover, Engraved w/ an Empty Shield.  I've mounted a "Menlo Park", HN4L-A, 17 Jewel, Movement in this case because I believe both were manufactured around the same time.                                    
Case shows Carry Ware but still shines like the day it was made. At the time this case was made the price of Aluminium had dropped below that of Gold & Silver which made it economically possible to use it in the manufacture of Watch Cases. Two discoveries, made in the late 1880's, made refining Aluminium from Bauxite more efficient & therefore cheaper. Before that Aluminium was so costly that Napoleon III had Dinner Plates made from it so as to impress his guests with the opulence of his Court. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Some 18 size Hampden Dials. L to R; 1."Anchor in Shield, w/ Banner", Hunter Case, Single Sunk, "Circle", Dial. 2. Single Sunk, "Fancy", Hunter Case, Dial. 3. Painted Metal, Conversion from Hunting to Open Face. 4. Double Sunk, "Montgomery" Style, Dial. 5. Double Sunk, 'Bold Arabic', Dial. 6. Open Face, Roman Numeral Dial w/ Unusual 'Semi-Banner' 'Hampden Watch Co.' Logo.                                                                                                         

& a "Script Arabic", Double Sunk, Open Face Dial & Hands.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New acquisition. A 1900, 23 Jewel, 18 size, Special Railway, Model 4, Two-Tone. Or an HT4L-A. The top of the line Hampden Hunter movement of the time. 1000 of these were made on this Run, out of 3,385 Total for this Model. 

Nice looking, running, example of the last model Hunter Movements. The only change to this Model was that the Models after 1906 had Double Rollers & were marked "Adjusted to 5 Positions", "Double Roller", to meet the latest Railroad Standards.  

  The Hands are a nicely Blued, Spade Hr. & Thin Spade "Pointer" style hands that I've found on many of the Late Model, RRG, Hampden's. Currently has a Double Sunk Arabic "Script" Dial. For awhile I thought I'd change it to a "Montgomery" style Dial, which was a Factory Option on all Railroad Grade Hampden Watches but changed my mind (this watch is from 1900 & Monty's didn't come into use on Hampden's till 1908 (though some show up as 'after-market' additions on earlier movements).    

Was housed in an incorrect Open Face, Plain, Philadelphia, GF, Case.

Re-Cased in a Dueber-Hampden, Signed, Salesman's Case, without Bow.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This Watch is a part of my Hampden Collection & it is what the usual Grade No. 64's look like. The movement is a ON3P-U (Open Face, Nickel Finished, Model 3, Pendulum Set, Unadjusted Model). Manufactured in 1908.

 Dial is a Single Sunk, Arabic Dial w/ Red Min. Chapter & a Blued Spade Hour Hand, w/ Whip Minute Hand. The Case is a Plain Silveroid, Screw Back & Bezel.

Though I don't own this Watch I felt it important to document it here because it's an unknown Variant. As far as the NAWCC data base goes there are no Two-Tone Grade No. 64's. This is a OT3P-U (Open Face, 2-Tone, Model 3, Pendulum Set, Unadjusted, Model), Manufactured in 1908. 

  It has a Single Sunk, Arabic, Dial, w/ Red Minute Chapter & Blued, Medium Spade, Hands. It's housed in a Plain, Screw Back & Bezel, Gold Filled Case. 


Sunday, January 10, 2016

    1901 John Hancock, Open Face Model 3, Lever Set, Adjusted (ON3L-A), 21 Jewel movement in a Star Swing-Out, Silveriod Case w/ "Bulls Eye" Crystal.     

              Dial is a Double Sunk Arabic 'Script' Dial w/ Red Min. Chapter &              signed "Canton, Ohio.", below Hampden Watch Co., (a Rare variant that only appears on 21 Jewel John Hancock & the 21J "The Dueber Watch Co." Models).    

The Name John Hancock goes back to the "New York Watch Co.", (precursor of "The Hampden Watch Co."), which started the "John Hancock" signature movement series before 1877 when it became Hampden.           

                      Watch is currently running well & keeping Railroad Time. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

       A Hampden Size 6 Hunter Cased Lever Set Model in a Beautifully 
                                       Engraved Dueber Case w/ Case Paper.                                                                        

Great Detail on Case. Near Mint Condition with the Dueber Case Paper that was in all new Cases (note it has the Case Serial # in ink, rather than the Movement's Serial #). 
Single Sunk Roman Numeral Dial has no Hairlines & Very Good Blued Hands.
Excellent example of the type of detail the Dueber Case Co. Engravers were capable of & an excellent over all example of a Hampden "Ladies" Watch.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

                                                         "The Fred". 
                  A Hampden 7 Jewel, Key Wind, Key Set, Private Label, 
(Fred A. Clough, Mt. Vernon, O.) is Number 36 in my Hampden Collection.                 

Made in Springfield, Mass. in 1885, for an Ohio Jeweler. 

The "Fred" is a HG1K-U, Gilt Full Plate, 18s Movement in possibly the Original Dueber, Silverine, Case. It takes a #5 Key & is currently running a bit fast (needs to be de-magintized), otherwise in very good shape for a 131 year old watch. It's my only Key Wind / Key Set, Pocket Watch.
The Case is a 3-Hinged Model without extra Screw Marks so possibly it's original to the movement (anyroad the seller thought so). The KW/KS Models were on their way out by the late 1800's. They were replaced by the Stem Wind, Lever Set, Movements & later by the Stem Wind & Set Movements common to most of the later 20th Century watches.