Monday, October 31, 2016

A Brass, Advertising Novelty from "The Dueber Watch Case Co." 
This is a "Match Safe". It's long enough to hold the big "Barn-Burner" type of stick matches.  

The Hinge & Spring still work fine but it could use a polish.

I've seen these 'Advertising Novelties' { Fobs & Tie Stick-Pins } before but they've all been marked "Dueber - Hampden, Watch Co." or just "Hampden Watch Co.". Perhaps this one was made before "The Dueber Watch Case Co." moved to Canton, Ohio & became The Dueber - Hampden Watch Co. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Possibly Unique 1910 18 Size, Hampden Electric Railway Serial No. 2640034 [not part of my collection, mores the pity] 17 Jewel, Model 3,  ON3P-A. [Check up-date; Thurs. 12/22/2016. This is now a part of my collection].
Single Sunk, Arabic Dial, with Spade "Railway" Hands.

Movement is like the 17 Jewel Dueber Grand but is signed "Electric Railway". Otherwise a standard Open Face, Model 3, Pendulum Set, Adjusted, 17 Jewel, Hampden it's the only example I have ever come across. 

The Dueber-Hampden Watch Co. did make a 16 size "Electric Railway Standard" [previously documented here] but this 18 size Model is not listed anywhere & seems to be a "one-off" trial model. The 16 size Electric Railway Standard watches are quite rare so they must not have found much of a market & were discontinued around this time, which most like figured in the reason the 18 size Electric Railway was never put into production.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

1902 Hampden, New Railway, 23 Jewel, 18 size, Serial No. 1721580.

This one has the "Canton, Ohio" signed Dial that usually appeared only on the late 21 Jewel models. The Hands are the appropriate Spade & Whip, Blued, Railroad Hands. 

Has Damasked Nickel Back Plates, a Steel Escape Wheel, Sapphire Pallet Stones & Sapphire, Jeweled Motor Bearings. I'm currently looking for a supply of 'Beveled Head' polished steel screws to replace the 'Flat Head' screws [a lot of watches I have seen had the original 'Beveled Heads' replaced with 'Flat Heads']. I may have to use a thread gauge & micrometer & go looking for them at Screw Manufacturing Companies, [as a last resort]. 
Here's the Crescent, 20yr., Gold Filled, 3-Hinge Case I propose to use to replace the Dueber Silverine Case it came with. Serial # 1287441. 
It has a Engine Turned Back, with Shield & Floral Decorations. The Bow & Stem are correct for the Era, as is it's slim profile. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Another Hampden North American Railway. Serial No.1438123, 21 Jewel, 18 size. This one from 1901 w/ "Fish Scale" & "Fan" Damasking. In Dueber Coin "Railway" 3-Hinged Case, Serial #2501633. 
Probably the best looking Damasking of any of the North American Railway's. 

Case has a new Acrylic Crystal. Bow is nice & Tight & it closes up tight.

Minor Scratching on Back of Case. 

Double Sunk, Enamel, "Script" Numeral Dial has 2 light hairlines @ 7 & 11. Nice, Blued, Medium Spade Hour & Whip Minute Hands.

The Dueber Coin Case is Marked "Railway" w/ the Dueber "Anchor & Shield" Logo. These Cases were around .900 to .925 Silver. Dueber also made .975 "Sterling" Cases but I haven't seen many, so I don't think they were very popular [probably a case of "small difference in Silver for the extra price"].