Sunday, July 24, 2016

Here's a Dueber Watch Case Co., 3-Hinge, Open Face Case. It's Gold Filled w/ a 25 yr. Guarantee, as well as having it's Original [matching] Case Paper.  
Front View. This is a Late Style Case {1900 & Later}. It's thinner & has a smaller Bow & Winding Ball than the earlier Cases.

Case Back. Engine Turned, w/ Hand Engraved Shield Design. Case has no Monogram & hasn't been Polished. 

With Front Lid Open. The 3-Hinge Design makes setting the Watch a lot easier & the Dust Cover adds protection for the Movement.

Back Lid Open, Showing the Dust Cover & the Case Label.

Original Case Paper, w/ Numbers that match the one's stamped on the Case {in this instance No. 6098353}. It also shows it's 14 Karat Gold Filled & Guarantee not to Wear for 25 Years. 

Side View, showing the Coin Edge Design & the thickness of the Crystal. An Excellent Case for one of my 1900 & later 18 size, Model 3's.  { The 1908, 21 Jewel, DR, John C. Dueber is the best movement for this Case. }. The Crystal has a tendency to pop out of the bezel, so I'll take it over to Jimmy @ Anderson's & have him apply a bit of  ultra-violet glue.  

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Referred to as "A Notable Eccentric" by Friends in San Francisco it's no wonder I'm drawn to "Odd Balls", so here's another one: A 16 Jewel "Railway".  Manufacturing Date of 1890/91. Every   book & data base I know of shows only 15 Jewel Hampden "Railways" except for Pocketwatch Data Base & the Seller {who is quite knowledgeable & has a good reputation with me} who claim this one has 16 Jewels. Well, I'll get to count them when I change the Dial to a Mint SS, Circle Dial that I have. So there!  

The Dial though, is not the usual "Canton, Railway", Double Sunk Type. Instead it's a Single Sunk, "Circle" Dial [these have been documented on "Springfield, Railways"] & the Hands are Wrong. "Railway's" came with Fluer de Lis Hands. The usual Font Style for the Double Sunk Dials was "Old English" but Formal Script has also been documented. I'll replace this Dial w/ a Mint SS, Circle Dial I have, or I can swap Dials w/ a Non-Running JC Dueber movement, which has a  Double Sunk, "Old English" Style Dial. The Seconds Hand is obviously Wrong as it's Gilt, so it'll be replaced forthwith. The Hr. & Min. Hands should also be replaced. Some "Railways" have been documented with "Crescent" & "Morning Glory" Hands {which are easier to obtain} & I might use these if I can't find "Fluer de Lis". Update; have acquired a nice set of "Crescent" Hands, so I'll try these.  
It seems I've acquired the type of Dial & Hands usually found on the "Railways" so I'll be fitting them on this Movement. The Dial is a near perfect, Double-Sunk, Roman, 'Gothic' or 'Old English' Font Style & the Hands are the 'Fleur de Lis' Style & still Brightly Blued.  I'd say that this is the Original Style of Dial & Hand fitted to this Movement when it was made [95% certainty].

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Not Part of My Collection but I thought I'd add this "Last of the 17 Jewel, 18 size, John C. Dueber's" which were made with alternating serial Numbers along with the 21 Jewels {this one is Serial # 2527240}. The NAWCC Data Base has the 17J as One Run of 400 which only confuses the situation more {were they counted along w/ the 21J's or separately? Does this mean there were 800 17 & 21 Jewel models made, altogether? Or, 400 of each? Or 200 of each? & is your head hurting by now?}. 
This one has the Usual Spade Hour & Whip Minute Hands.

It has different Damasking than the 21 Jewel & I don't know if it has Ruby or Sapphire Pallet Stones & Steel or Brass Escape Wheel. It does have the Gold Screw-Set Jewels though.  

The Dials seem to be Identical. Another Double Sunk, Arabic Script, Dial w/ Red Marginal Figures.

This one's housed in a B&B, "Royal", 20 yr. Gold Filled Case, which is Engine Turned w/ an Engraved "Shield" Back, which has been monogrammed. No matter if there are 400 ea. or 200 ea. of these 17 & 21 Jewel John C. Dueber, ON3L-5P DR's ever made, they're damn rare now & I've only documented this one 17J & the one 21J {the one in my collection} since I started following Dueber-Hampden's 5 Yrs. ago. 

The Watch's are getting Newer! A 1908, 21 Jewel, 18 size, John C. Dueber [last of the 18s JC's], NAWCC Data Base has this Model as being One Run of 400 but more likely 600 because this one's serial # {2527513}is after the NAWCC Data Base's last Serial #for the Run. Also there is some confusion because these later Serial #'s were interspersed w/ John Hancock's {or vice-versa} which are basically the same watch w/ a different name on the Barrel Plate {much like the "Tank Badge Engineering" that was common practice on Matchless & AJS Motorcycles after WWII}. 

This one has a Double Sunk, Enamel Dial, w/ Arabic "Script" Numerals & "Closed" Morning Glory Hands. 

The Movement is Stamped; 2527513, Safety Pinion, Hampden Watch Co. Canton O., Double Roller, Adjusted to Five Positions as well as 21 Jewels & John C. Dueber in Gold/Gilt Lettering. Like the late model John Hancock's this one has Gold Screw Settings, Sapphire Pallet Stones, & a Steel Escape Wheel.  It also had Gilt Plate Screws though some of these have been replaced w/ polished nickel head screws. 

Currently Housed in a Dueber 4 Oz. Coin Case. An Open Face, 3-Hinge, Model that's quite Thick [& may be replaced w/ a Gold Filled Case later]. Another Rare Dueber-Hampden I'm glad to have acquired. As far as value goes, the 21J's get lumped in with the 17's so it's hard to tell. My 2012, "Complete Price Guide to Watches" shows a $300 difference between the 17's & the 21's in ExFn & by their rarity I can see them commanding a higher price.