Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A 1906 North American Railway, Private Label [J.R. Haynes, Carpenter, W.VA.] On June 20, 1906 a J.W. Haynes became the Superintendent of the Greenbriar Division of the Chesapeake & Ohio, Railroad's, West Virginia, Grand Division. 

Single Sunk Dial w/ Logo; J.R. Haynes, Carpenter, W.VA. [today there is no "Carpenter, W.Va." It may be under Lake Sutton in Braxton Co. or was a "Company Town", so small that it never made it on to a map. For that matter it could have been a Junction or Coaling Station on the C&O Railway].
Nickel, Model 3, Movement. 
Hands are Blued, Fleur de Lis style [missing seconds hand].
Plain Back, Gold Filled, Case. Making a guess, I would think that J.R. & J.W. Haynes were related. Same geography, last name & possibly a link to the C&O Railroad if J.R. was a Time-Inspector  [as many Jeweler/Watchmaker's were]. Perhaps the elevation of J.R.'s relative signaled more work & he ordered some Railway Approved, Watches from Hampden, w/ his Name on the Dial. Or it could have been a single purchase [names on Dials were free but the buyer would have been charged to have the movement stamped / engraved].