Thursday, December 22, 2016

A revision, of sorts, as this Watch is now a part of My Collection; "The" Hampden 18 size, Electric Railway, Serial No.2640034, 17Jewel, Adjusted, Model 3, Manufactured in 1909.
The Third time this Unique Hampden has been up for Auction.

It's a Pendulum Set [ON3P-A] Dueber Grand, Movement, with a different Barrel Bridge Plate, marked "Electric Railway" rather than "Dueber Grand". It seems to be the only documented example of this model.

It has a Single-Sunk, Arabic,Enamel Dial & Med. Spade, Blued Hands. It has been variously sold as a 1908 & 1910 Hampden but lists it with a manufacturing date of 1909. Possibly a Prototype for the Streetcar & Inter-Urban Market that never went into production. Definitely not intended for use by the Major Railroads as only Lever-Set Movements were acceptable on the Main-Lines. Hampden had a "Electric Railway Standard" 16 Size, Lever-Set, Watch in production in both Open-Face & Hunter configurations but few were made, which leads me to believe that they never became popular with Motormen & Street Car Conductors. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

An 18 size, Illinois "BUNN" 17 Ruby Jewels, Serial No.2622799.Made in 1914.
This movement has the "Sunburst" style of Damasking. Probably the nicest damasking on any of the "Bunn"'s & "Bunn Specials".

Very Good, Double-Sunk, Arabic, Enamel Dial. Has "Old English" or "Gothic" Style Fonts.

Movement is marked; Adjusted, Temperature, 5 Positions, Isochronism. 2622799, 17 Ruby Jewels, Double Roller. BUNN Illinois Watch Co. Springfield.
Current Case is this 20yr., Keystone, "J.Boss", Screw Back & Bezel Case, w/ Stag Engraving.
Markings on inner case mean it's a 14K, Gold Filled Case, Warranted to wear for 20 yrs. Serial # 8553704.

Originally housed in a Nickle Swing-Out Case. This case is neither original or age appropriate, so I've re-cased it in the Later-Type, GF, J.Boss Case.

Monday, December 12, 2016

American Timekeeper

American Timekeeper

I have yet to send them a watch but they come highly recommended & their price for cleaning & servicing are not insane [like a lot of others].

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Possible Dueber W.C.Co. 18 size, Hunter Case.

I'm waiting on this one to arrive. It's condition; a mystery. If it's an actual Dueber Case; a mystery. [Update; Not an Actual Dueber W.C.Co., Case].
Won't be able to tell how Brassed this is till it gets here. 

The engraving on both the Front & Back Lids still looks quite deep though.

The inside of the Dust Cover is marked with a Star inside a Flag, which is a Dueber Symbol but on Movements, not Cases. There were no pic's of the inside of the Rear Case, so we'll have to wait & see what's there. [It turns out Nothing on inside of Case Back].

This symbol has been noted on other Cases but there is no authentication of it's being an actual Dueber Watch Case Co. Trade Mark. No matter condition or authenticity, for the $9.99 I paid for it, I can't go wrong.  UPDATE; No, I don't believe this is an actual Dueber W.C.Co. Case. I think it was Gold Plated rather than Gold Filled [no Dueber Cases that I know of were 'Plated']. The Serial No. 05163 doesn't seem right & there is no other marking, besides the "Star in Flag" logo. As John C. Dueber said; "Remember, there is no article of manufacture so readily defrauded as are the products of gold".

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hampden Watches Blog. From the beginning to the Present..

Hampden Watches  This is a pretty complete list, which follows The Hampden Watch Co. from it's early days as The Mozart Watch Co. to the present day holders of the Hampden Name. I thought this would be of help to guide those interested through the many changes The Hampden, Dueber-Hampden, Dueber, etc. Watch Co. went through from it's inception to the present day.  

Friday, December 2, 2016

More popular in the Early 19th Century than the Late 1800's, this GF, Mesh Watch Fob was more for Fancy Occasions than Everyday Utility. 
Fob was Secured by a Clip on the Pant or Waistcoat Pocket, w/ a Chain to attach to the Watch Bow. 

Made by the F&C. Company. Date unknown. Fob has a Large Floral Letter & attached Heart Pendant, w/ Initials in center of Mesh.