Sunday, February 26, 2017

The End Result; My 1899 Hampden, John Hancock, 21 Jewel, 18 size, Open Face, Model 3, [ON3L-A], Serial No.1439526, with Canadian 24 hr. Dial, mounted in a Canadian, Gold Filled, Case.
Made for the Canadian Market, this John Hancock has a Damasking Pattern similar to the 3-Ball Style [as an aside, to give you an idea of the % of US made movements that were intended for Canadian sales, I remember a Bartender in Vancouver, B.C., showing me a book on population figures, back in the 1990's. The population of the entire Nation of Canada was within a couple of hundred people of the population of Los Angeles County, California. Figure the relative population figures for the 1890's was similar].

The 24 Hr., Canadian Dials were not listed as an option in the Dueber-Hampden  Ad's like the Numerical 'Montgomery' Dials were {they are listed in the Dueber-Hampden Parts Catalog though} so my guess is that they were only Factory Mounted on Movements that were intended for 'The Canadian Trade'.

The Case I've mounted this movement in is an A.W.C.Co. of Toronto, Ont., Gold Filled, 20 year, Open Face, Case. Most of the 'Canadian Trade' Watches I've come across have Canadian Cases. I don't know if this was a requirement for imported watch movements or that Jewelers felt that Patriotic Canadians would be more likely to buy a Watch with a "Made in Canada" Case. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

This one's a Dueber Grand, 17 Jewel, 18 size, Hunter, Serial No.1236709.
Movement is a Model 4, 17 Jewel with Screw Set Jewels & Hampden Star Regulator. Movement is running & keeping time.

The Dial is a Fancy Hampden Factory Dial with the HWCo. Logo.

The Gold Filled Hunter Case is Hand Engraved w/ a Rampant Stag on a Floral Field.

The Case Manufacturer is the Keystone Watch Case Co., J.Boss model. It's a 14K, Gold Filled, 25 year, Hunter Case [marked 25 yr. / 14K & the Crown over Scales Logo indicates a 25 year ware guarantee as well as being 14K Gold Filled].

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

18 size, Keystone, J.Boss, Open Face, Screw Back & Bezel, Case. Gold Filled, 10K, & Warranted to Wear for 20 years. 
1900 to 1910 era, Pendulum & Lever Set Case.

Elk Engraved Back.

Serial Number 8553704. Marked Keystone & J.Boss, 20 yr. The Scales symbol indicates a Gold Filled Case of at least 10K [a Crown over the Scales would indicate a 14K Case] & the Keystone represents the Manufacturers Trade Mark.. This currently holds my Illinois, 18s, 17J, Bunn.

This is an 18 size, Open-Face, Screw Back & Bezel, Gold Filled,  A.W.C.CO., Case, Warranted for 20 years. Made by "The American Watch Case Co., of Toronto, LTD." 511 King St., W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Highly Hand Engraved, Case Back.

From the Front.

Coin Edge, with Thick Crystal.

Screw Back & Bezel, Warranted for 20 years. The Style indicates it was made around the Late 1800's or the Turn of the Century.

I bought this Canadian Case to go with my Hampden, John Hancock, ON3L-A, that has a Canadian Dial [Roman, 1 through 12 & Arabic 13 through 24, Numerals]. As a "Canadian Market" Hampden it would have, most likely, had a Canadian made Case.  

Monday, February 13, 2017

This is a 1908, Dueber Watch Co., "Skeletonized" Movement. 15J, ON3P-U.
A 15 Jewel, Un-Adjusted, 18 size, Open Face [Model 3], Pendulum Set, Movement, with Cut-Outs so the 'Works' are visible. 

Some of these "Skeletonized" Movements were done by Factory Workers at home or by Jeweler / Watchmakers to demonstrate how a watch works. I've seen another with a "Skeletonized" Dial as well [I have a metal Hampden Dial I might 'cut-out' but for now I settle for replacing the Hands [oh yea, the movement is running].   

Thursday, February 9, 2017

This is a 18 size, Dueber Watch Case Co., "Dueber Special", Engine Turned, 14K, Gold Filled, Hunter Case. 
Front has a nice Floral Engraved, Shield. [pic's shot in low light to cut down on the glare but Case probably needs a good polish].

Back is completely Engine Turned. The 'Fob' has 3 Chain Links, intertwined, which would be for a member of the "Odd Fellows" Lodge. 

Inside Case Back is the "Dueber Special" Shield & Anchor T.M. which means it's 14K Gold Filled, Warranted to Wear for 25 Years.  

Inside Dust Cover is stamped "Warranted <Dueber> 25 Years. Update; After polishing Case it went from looking like a Dull Rose Gold to a Bright Yellow Gold.