Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another John C. Dueber Special, 15/17 Jewel, Hunter (HN2L-SA), c.1889.
Special Adjusted w/ Teske Regulator, Model 2 Movement. Running well & keeping time [a bit fast but, most like it, needs to be demagnetized, as the Regulator is hard on "Slow]. 

Dial is a Double Sunk, Arabic, Style, w/ 'Moon' Hands. Both the Dial & the Back Plate are marked "Special" but the NAWCC Database & both have this Serial No. as a plain John C. Dueber & a 17 Jewel, which is questionable because it's not marked [early Hampden's below 17J's were unmarked so this is likely a 15 Jewel Movement]. 

The 14K, Yellow Gold Filled Case is a Hand Engraved, "True" Box Hinged, Hunter Case.  Made by the Dueber Watch Case Co. & Guarantied to Wear 20 Years. It appears to be Original to the Movement & the pictures do not do it justice. 
I took this pic. so you could see just how bright the Case really is. It still has crappy resolution but gives a better idea of the Case's Yellow Gold Colour.  

There are "Faux" Box Hinged Cases that are usually 3-Hinge Open Face or Screw Back & Bezel Cases (in fact a Screw B&B, Box Hinge, 21J, Dueber just sold, first for $189 & then, w/ better pic's, for $520.75). They have 'cosmetic' protrusions that make them look like a Box Hinged Case. A 'Real' Box Hinge Case, like this one, have the front & back Hinges attached to the lower protrusion, or Box, & is a Full Hunter Case.   

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This is a 21 Jewel, Special Railway, Two Tone, Hunter Movement, [HT4L-A], c.1900, in a J. Boss, 20 yr., Gold Filled Case. 
Currently mounted in a Open Face Case these are often called "Sidewinders" The above shows the Chipped & Hair-lined Dial I got it with it [one of the chips is hidden under the Hour Hand]. 

           Nice "Circle" Gold Damasking & Gilt Screws [this picture doesn't do it justice]. 
This pic. taken after Old Dial was replaced by the Montgomery Dial. 

I considered this Mint, SS, 24 hr., Canadian Dial as a replacement but wound up settling  on the Montgomery Style.
Even though Montgomery Dials didn't come in till 1904, I keep seeing many of them on pre-1904 movements. Obviously the owners had them added when they became available. So, it wouldn't be out of character to install this one on a 1900 Model 4, like this [perhaps I can install the Canadian Dial on my Menlo Park Hunter that's currently in the Aluminium Dueber Case, w/ a totally incorrect dial on it. This has the added advantage of having the Single Sunk Dial on the 17J & the Double Sunk on the 21J which was the usually Hampden configuration]. 

Inside of Case marked Keystone w/ the "Scales" Logo & J.Boss, Guaranteed 20 yr's.. This case is a bit beat up & doesn't seat well but, with a bit of effort, it gets nearly flush.  After switching Dials I believe I'll leave the Movement in this Case or perhaps another 'Hinged' Open Face Case. It makes some sense to make a Hunter Style, Railway Watch into a "Sidewinder" [easier to read while on the job]. Kind of a Transitional Step before only the Open Face Watches were "Approved" & the Hunter's "Refused" by all but the smallest Railway Companies.  

Friday, April 1, 2016

A Group of 18 size Hampden Dials.
A Fancy Open Face Dial, which could be Special Ordered. The 1923 Parts Catalog Lists "Extra Fancy" Dials @ $18.00 a dozen, (Heavy Arabic Dials were $15.00 a dozen, Double Sunk $30.00 & Montgomery Dials, $33.00).  

A Roman Numeral Hunter Dial, w/ the "Canton, Ohio." Logo below Hampden Watch Co. This Logo is usually found on some John Hancock's, & "The Dueber Watch Co.", 21 Jewel movements, though I have seen one on a 23 Jewel Special Railway. 
This is a 24hr. Canadian (Hunter) Dial. These Dials were attached to RRG Movements intended for Canadian Service or Special Ordered. They came as Open Face or Hunter in a  Plain Center, Circle Center, or Double Sunk Style.  This one's a particularly nice, almost Mint, Dial. 
Painted "Masonic" Open Face, Dial. 

This Dial is made out of some kind of Vinyl. An After Market not made by Hampden.