Monday, March 28, 2016

A Truly Rare Hampden. This John C. Dueber Special is a Model 4. According to the NAWCC Data Base & the "Hampden Watch Co." Book, no J.C. Dueber Special, Model 4's were ever made!                                                                                                                   
John C. Dueber Special's were made in the Early Hunting , Model 2 & the Open Face, Model 3  configurations, (Model 2's were phased out in 1895 & supplanted by the Model 4.  Both M2's & 4's were made in 1895 with non-consecutive serial No.'s. Serial No. 1,024,042 is the last listed M2 in the "Hampden Watch Co." book, after which it shows only the M4 ). 

The only Model 4 Recorded was a HT4L-A. Which was a 2-Tone Damasked model & just a J.C. Dueber, not the "Special Adjusted" Model. 

This Watch does have the "Moon" Hands common to all J.C. Dueber's & a Double Sunk, Roman Numeral Dial which appeared on the later J.C.'s. It also has "Gold Flashing" on the Back Plates. It's hard to see in these pic's. but the Barrel Plate also has very nice Toning, much like some old Silver Coins develop over time. did recognize the Serial No. 1026963 as a John C. Dueber Special, Model 4, but had only pictures of the Model 2 (till I up-loaded a pic. of mine). 
There is no way to know how many of these were made but I'd hazard a guess that they never made more than a handful (in fact a Serial Number search did turn up 3 other examples & by the spread of the Numbers I'd say there were possibly Two Runs of 200 & 300 ea. for this Version, though the small amount of Documented Examples would lead one to think that far fewer than that were actually made, or that they have had an unusually poor survival rate).  Below is the "Comet" 10Yr. Gold Filled Hunter Case I recently acquired. This movement fit perfectly & it would be about the right era so, for now, this is the Model 4's new Case {case does need some repair to the front hinge, which is cracked}. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

 This Watch is my pick for the Case below. I've reasoned that the Case belonged to an Indiana Farmer so he wouldn't need the best in "Railway" accuracy but would need a sturdy Movement. This watch is "Railroad Grade" for the time of manufacture but not a "Top of the Line", 21 / 23 Jewel, Fancy model, like the New & Special Railway's. 
This is a 3-Ball Model, 18 size, 17 Jewel, Hampden, Open Face Movement, w/ a Star Patent Regulator. The Grade designation "3-Ball" comes from the circular Damasking Pattern. 
This "Fancy" Dial is a good match for this Movement & Case Combination,with it's sentiment; "From Ma" & it's Custom Engraving on the Dust Cover.  
The Original Dial has a Arabic Script, Double Sunk, Dial, w/ a Spade Hour Hand & Whip Minute Hand & like all RR Grade Watches is Lever Set. The Dial has a Chip {repaired} @ 5:00 & 7:00 which is why I'm considering the New Dial. I've been carrying this watch for about a week & it only gained about 1 minute. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Here we have a 18 size, Dueber, Open Face, 3-Hinge, Anchor & Serpent,    Gold Filled Case, with Case Paper. I've mounted the 3-Ball Movement [above] in it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
The Back has an Unusual Floral Engraving & looks like the same style as the Engraving on the Inside of Case.

The Anchor & Serpent Logo on Dueber Cases indicates the Case is Guaranteed to Wear for 20 Years.  

Engraving looks like it was Hand Engraved "Freestyle".

Possibly a "One Off" Job, made 'On Order', for a specific individual.  The 'Shield' on the Back has a faded inscription that looks like it says; "From, Ma", w/ decorations.

   Dust Cover has Wheat & a Bird (Chickadee?) Engraving, along with Owner's Name,     ( which looks like; "C.F. Votaw,  Camden Ind ) with some of the letters made of Wheat Stalks (the owner was most likely a Farmer).  This alone makes this Case unique as I've never seen a Dust Cover on any Cases I've looked at that was Engraved with more than just the owners name & date or a sentiment.  

Case Paper's were placed in all new Cases but few of them remain intact. This one's particularly well preserved, (because it was loose I put it into a plastic dial holder so it will remain 'well preserved').

Case has a type of Rope Edge Design. 
Sometimes called a Half-Hunter this kind of Hinged Open Face Case made it far easier to Set the Hands on a Lever Set Movement.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"The Dueber Watch Co." 21 Jewel, 18 Size ON3L-A. Double Sunk, "Canton" Dial. 

Gold Filled B&B 'Royal' Screw Back & Bezel, Open Face, Plain Back Case. 

The Original had a "Canton" marked Dial as well but it had Chips & Cracks, so I found this replacement.

The Dials that had "Canton, Ohio" below the "Hampden Watch Co." script are found on the 21 Jewel, 18 size, Adjusted & Adjusted to 5 Positions,  John Hancock, M3 & M4's.  Also some of the "The Dueber Watch Co." 21 Jewel, 18 size, Adjusted, Open Face, models had "Canton" Dials as well (as this one originally did) . I have seen some 21J Special Railways w/ this Dial as well, {both Adj. & Adj. to 5 Positions Models}.