Sunday, January 29, 2017

Here's a 18 size, NOS, Dueber-Hampden, Salesman's Case. 
This Case is a Snap Together Model, without Bow. 

Marked on both Bezels; Dueber-Hampden. Most Salesman's Cases were without Bow as they were not intended to be 'Carried' but to show off both Dial & Movement to prospective buyers [mostly Jewelers]. 

This Case is Silverinne [The Dueber Watch Case Co.'s name for their nickel amalgam].  

These Salesman's Cases came in 4 Styles; Snap-On, without Bow. 2-Hinge, with & without Bow & 2-Hinge, Gold Plated, with Bow. I assume that the Models with Bows were so the Salesman could 'carry' it in his waistcoat pocket for "targets of opportunity" they might encounter on the Street, Saloon, Boarding House, etc., if anyone seemed to show an interest. Though all the Salesman's Cases are rare it's Needless to say the Models with Bows are much rarer than the ones with out Bows. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Here we have a "Dueber", 16 Jewel, 18 size, Hunter, Serial No. 701740, in a "Metropolitan Watch Case Co., New York.", 20yr. Gold Filled Case. 
This Model was made in 11/15/16 & 17 Jewels. All were Un-Adjusted [non-railway approved] Movements.

Movement signed "Dueber", Canton, Ohio. has Screw-Set Jewel Settings & a Teske Regulator. Most of the examples I've seen of this model are the 15 Jewel. 

The Gold Filled Hunter Case is in excellent condition. Heavily Hand Engraved with little wear & no brass showing.

Marked Warranted 20 years, w/ a Horse-Shoe & 4 Leaf Clover Trade Mark [I located this TM in Ehrhardt's book; "Trade Marks, Watch Cases, Pocket Watches, Etc."]. The short lived "Metropolitan Watch Case Co., New York." was only in business c.1890's, so it fit's the movements era.  

The "Red Dueber" "Circle" Dial is in very good shape, w/ only a small edge chip @ 3:00 [mostly hidden by the bezel]. I've seen examples w/ Open Morning Glory Hands but this does not mean that the Standard Hands, like these, weren't usually fitted by the Factory [the 1896 Catalog lists 'either Moon or Spade Hands']. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

An interesting Watch Chain in a style from the late 1800's. Called a "Memento Mori", after the Roman admonition "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" [all glory is fleeting unto death] many were carried by Medical Practitioners or as a religious warning about preparing for eternity. 
This one is not as 'Macabre' as some of the others [Human Skulls, Human Skeletons, Brains, etc.].  

The 'Bar' is in the shape of a Key. Possible meaning; Key to the Kingdom of Heaven or the Doors of Eternity.

This  one showing it's size relative to an 18 size pocket watch. The Anatomically Correct Skull is that of a Hummingbird which happens to be the name of the Bar here in Macon, GA, that I'm known to frequent.  

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Here's Number 3 of the Dueber-Hampden Advertising Novelties.  The Stickpin.
So far I've only seen 3 kinds of these Advertising Novelties.

I already have the Match Safe & the Watch Chain Fob. 

Pin attachment for keeping your Tie/Ascot in place.

This is just like The Dueber-Hampden Watch Fob, except for the Pin-Back.